Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Growing up with a Rose (webcomic)

Rose says Boo!

   Yes, you heard it right. A webcomic.
   Having a small sister and so many experiences, I decided to make a little webcomic called Growing up with a Rose (Which, btw, is totally free to check out!).

   What is it about?
   Well, it is centered on two siblings: Olivia Blanket, a 20 year old who, due to the loss of her parents, found herself having to take care of her little sister, Rose. I tell their story in small fun strips like the one bellow.

Rose is bored :c

   Where can you find this webcomic I've been doing, you ask?
   Check my Patreon! Here you can follow me and know whenever a new post is up. You can also donate and share if you wish to support this and its creator, me!

   I really hope you enjoy this little project of mine < 3

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