Wednesday, 28 October 2015

International Animation Day 2015

   For those who do not know, today is a very special day.
   T'is animation day!
   And because it's animation day, I had the pleasure of being welcomed into a school to inspire 36 wonderful children with 7 to 10 years old (okay, a slight headache, but they were great!) about the magic of animation, how it was invented, how it evolved, how it was done nowadays, the different techniques... The steps towards a finished animated movie and around how long it takes to make one, depending on the technique used. The kids made way too many questions, things like "How is a character created?" to "Does animation work the same way in games?", which ended up in making me stay longer, something the teachers were glad about since they were enjoying it too and making questions themselves, proposing that I should return another day.
   And that's a job well done fer ya.

   Today I'll show you some traditional animation illusion devices that I showed the children. I made these during my first year in university.

Zoetrope: Jumping Fish; Running Horse; Rocket; Well known "peanut butter jelly time" Banana Dance!

No idea of this device's name... A scratching dog!

Phenakistoscope: Clock.

Two Thaumatropes

   Also, here's two GIFS of two Zoetrope ribbons I made digitally for an university animation event during my...was it second year? I can't recall to be honest...

Blinking Eye

Flexing Arm

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