Saturday, 24 October 2015


Random sketch of two high-school lovers.

   So hai! And welcome!
   I have been messed with for sketching and then throwing my stuff away into hiding or into my hungry garbage bin, but apparently it has been decided that it should go on a diet for a while, which is the reason for this blog's creation. I'll be posting here, when I can, whatever random things I might end up drawing and try not to be too harsh on myself when selecting which ones to show.

Character Design

More Random Character Design

   I did these during my university years, after a friend counselled me on the need of different body types in character creation. I think we stayed awake sketching all night and got late to drawing class the next day. I was a very good student!
   The picture bellow I did while I was on the train while going back home for the weekend during my uni years.

Dancing lil' lass

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